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HORROR (1963) pt.1/10 ~ Gerard Tichy, Leo Anchoriz, Ombretta Colli, Albe...

HORROR (1963) pt.1/10 ~ Gerard Tichy, Leo Anchoriz, Ombretta Colli, Albe...

HORROR" (1963)! Based on a story by Edgar Allan Poe and released in the U.S. under the title THE BLANCHEVILLE MONSTER, this film doesnt feature Barbara Steele, Arturo Dominici, Ivo Garrani, or even a monster in the conventional sense. However, it does feature uncredited special effects by the Maestro, Mario Bava! With Genuinely Eerie Sets, a Vincent Price double, a castle, and a cadre of handsome Italian Euro-babes in clingy neglegees, pretty much all the prerequisites are met for a late-night horror hour of pure escapism ala the old days when Creature Features and Chiller Theater ruled!

Critics of this b/w classic describe it as a hybrid of the styles of Roger Corman and Mario Bava--and that may be accurate, especially with regards to its title(s)--which viewers will notice includes both HORROR (Bava-esque) and THE BLANCHEVILLE MONSTER (Corman-esque) in the opening sequence!

Directed by Alberto De Martino (Medusa vs. The Sons of Hercules)
Edited by Otello Colangeli
Cinematography by Alejandro Ulloa
Art Direction by Leonard Bubleg
Music by Carlo Franci and Giuseppe Piccillo
Produced by Alberto Aguilera, Natividad Zaro, and Italo Zingarelli
Written by Bruno Corbucci, Sergio Corbucci, Giovanni Grimaldi, and Natividad Zaro

Starring Gerard Tichy, Leo Anchoriz, Ombretta Colli, Helga Line, Iran Eory, Vanni Materassi, Francisco Moran, Emilia Wolkowicz, and Harry Winter.